Penistone Theatre Group

Entertaining the community since 1952

Entertaining the Community since 1952

We are a local amateur dramatics group that strive to put on professional shows that entertain the local community. Founded in 1952 and based in Penistone we are always looking for new members both on and off the stage

If you would like to become involved in any of our group’s activities please don’t be shy

More than just the stage

It might not seem obvious but there are roles that everyone can play. We don’t just mean on stage but behind as well. We are always looking for people to help behind the scenes, sewing costumes, building sets and particularly with the many administrative tasks. If you have the skills in marketing, building websites, writing letters, looking after money, keeping records etc, there is a role for you so get in touch via our contact us page now!

Special Mention to AVLS

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